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The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood icon

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The glitz and glamour of a Hollywood icon TweetFacebookNew York Post story that said Hemsworth canearn almost $350,000 in a weekend at a convention.
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Fred told us his story about a brush with celebrity back in “1947 or 1948”.

He attended a Film Fan Club garden party with a friend atMorden Hall, near London.

“From memory, it cost us one pound to enter, but I don’t remember paying for autographs or photos of the stars that were there,” he said.

“I can remember Rita Hayworth and Cecil B Parker were there, as well as others.

“The whole affair was in aid of some charity, I think.”

The stars were film studio employees back then, Fred said.

“I guess it [attending fan events]was all in their work contract then,” he said.

“Those old-day film stars would turn in their graves at the money being made by today’sstars.”

Fred and his matetravelled overnight by train to attend the London event.

“Arriving in London, we were amazed at the war damage that was still visible.We had only seen the results on news reels.”

Fred lived in a town of only 3500 people.His trip to the big smoke was quite the eye-opener.

Have you had a brush with celebrity. Tell us your story at [email protected]南京夜网.au.

Lovely RitaThis photo of Rita Hayworth evokes memories of classic Hollywood, don’t you think?

We liked Fred Saunders’ story about her. But what was she like? The annals of history show shewas an A-lister of the 1940s, epitomising the glamour of the silver screen idol. [Fred saw her at her peak].

Sheappearedin 61 films over 37 years.

She had quite alife.

She played sensuous characters and temptresses in movies like Blood and Sand, The Lady From Shanghai andThe Temptress of Gilda.

The press dubbed her the “love goddess” and “Cinderella”.

Fred Astaire said in his autobiography that she washis favourite dance partner.

She was the actress who became a princess, marryingPrince Aly Khan.

At the time, she waslegally married to second husband Orson Welles. The marriage to Khan, which created quite the scandal, didn’t last.

Fred [Saunders, not Astaire] was right about film stars being salaried employees in those days.

“I used to have to punch a time clock at Columbia [Pictures],”Hayworth said in 1968.

“I was under exclusive contract, like they owned me.”

Hayworth was married and divorced five times.

“Basically, I am a good, gentle person, but I am attracted to mean personalities,” she once said.

She was also an alcoholic.

“I remember as a child that she had a drinking problem. She had difficulty coping with the ups and downs of the business,” her daughter Yasmin told The New York Times in 1997.

Hayworth was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease andbecame the first public face of the illness.Shedied at age 68.

In an interview on the night before his death in 1985, Orson Welles called Hayworth “one of the dearest and sweetest women that ever lived”.

Rita Hayworth had a fascinating life. You could almost make a movie out of it.

Shafted LeadersThis from author George Megalogenis on Twitter.

Recent prime ministers who were overthrown.

Deposed leaders, rated from dignified to destructive:

A list: Hayden/Downer/Beazley/Nelson/Gillard.

B list: Hawke/Crean/Turnbull.

C list: Peacock/Howard.

D list:Rudd/Abbott.

[email protected]南京夜网.au

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Short Takes

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AFTER watching the Russian trains on SBS, Bill Baldwin (Short Takes, 29/6) says he wishes the government would get on with a so-called Very Fast Train. I just think it’s about time Australia had a ‘same speed as everyone else’ train.
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Ed Matzenik,MaitlandAS board chairman of a local soccer/football zone, I am somewhat disappointed in your article about NNSWF wishing to raise fees for junior players. I think it fair to advise our 7500 members that our board has in no way accepted the proposal that has been put forward in its current form.

Doug Ross, chairman, Macquarie FootballSINCE when has it become the business of councils to stick their nose into how the National Anthem should be worded? You are elected and employed by the ratepayer to manage essential services eg garbage, parks etc. for the amount of money people are paying in rates, they are getting little value out of most councillors. You are working for the ratepayers. You are not there for your own political agendas and 15 minutes of fame by being controversial.

Mel Brauer,GatesheadBILL Baldwin (Short Takes, 29/6), the Newcastle Flyer hasn’t existed for decades. Rather than the Newcastle/Sydney train trip taking “just under two hours”, it takes three hours or more.No wonder people drive instead (around two hours).

Maree Raftos,NewcastleEQUALITY of marriage demands a plebiscite, but even if the “yes” prevails it still doesn’t make it right. Our kids will be the losers – no argument, it’s true, for a father and a mother both, are all entitled to.

Noel Pickett,BranxtonMAITLAND’Smayoral race is, I believe, a one horse race. Thanks to the Labor Party for getting it wrong. Not electing Henry Meskauskas is a big mistake. Please Henry, stand as an independent, by doing that you’ll make it a true contest.

Scott Parrey,MaitlandTHE absurdity of a resurgent ultra-conservative right wing led by Tony Abbott is no more apparent than his recent blueprint for the future. Unfortunately what Mr Abbott sees as the future, most of us regard as the dismal distant past.

Mac Maguire,CharlestownNOT incomprehensible, Don Johnson, (Short Takes, 28/6). Not so long ago, apart from some really switched on people, it was incomprehensible the Earth spun, went around the sun. Freefall. Basis of today’s communications, together with harnessing speed of light constant. Without CO2, Earth is simply an iceball. Check with NASA, US Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin, or closer to home, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO or our Academy of Science. Space-time is pretty incomprehensible too, but now firmly fact. Good day.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkTHE POLLSWHO should pay for Newcastle’s art gallery expansion?

It shouldn’t be expanded 53.3%,NSW government 20%,Patrons 20%,Other 6.7%,Council 0%

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Short Takes

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TO Sue Fower (Short Takes, 7/7): Sport is loved by the masses, art is loved by the elite. There are more votes in the former.
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Donal McIntyre,Warners BayMARK Creek (Short Takes 7/7), unfortunately it doesn’t matter if you live in Newcastle East. The PHDs of Newcastle East will always shut you down.

Bianca Field,Newcastle EastTHE positive letters written by Keith Parsons and Peter Sansom always cheer me up. Keep up the good work fellas – we need you to inspire us to greater things.

Brian Agland, HamiltonTO Darryl Tuckwell (Short Takes, 7/7): At least Tony Abbott has given us a reason not to be missed. As for the shambolic alternative who haven’t been heard from in any form whatsoever, they haven’t given us a reason not to be missed. Does anyone really even know the names of the alternative option?

Brad Hill, SingletonTHANKS to Alton Bowen for supporting a referendum on changing marriage (Letters, 6/7). If Labor supported it, it could be done and dusted at the next federal election, and when have Labor ever been concerned about spending our money?

Clive Jensen, MerewetherWELL Ian King (Letters, 5/7), seems the Australian cricket players took my advice over yours. It is well known they went down your path and got a negative result, as drastic as withdrawing your labour is, there are times when it is the only tool workers have that the employers understand.

Fred McInerney, KaruahTO try to contain North Korea with bully tactics may be the wrong approach.

John McLennan,CharlestownDON Fraser (Short Takes, 7/7), are you serious? Shorten and Plibersek are nowhere near as bad as Turnbull and Morrison.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldWHAT is the real reason coal-fired power stations are being shut down? Because of the carbon pollution? I think not, because the carbon (dioxide) in the atmosphere is and always has been, less than four hundredths of one per cent mixed in with 78 per cent nitrogen, and 20 per cent oxygen. Infinitesimal, surely. Thankfully we have not had so many school holiday bushfires this year because of the clouds and rain.

Don Johnson, BelmontTHE POLLSSHOULD a potential Knights takeover by Wests include a community ownership component?

No 70.37%,Yes 29.63%MESSAGEBOARDIN partnership with OzHarvest, Belmont Neighbourhood Centre is proud to provide a free food service to our community. All are welcome to access this no-questions-asked service. The services is available every Wednesday from noon. The amount of food delivered each week can vary. For more information, contact reception on 4947 0031.

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Short Takes

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WHO says the Liberals never deliver for Newcastle. ScotMacDonald always delivers; letters.
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Colin Fordham,LambtonHOW long will it take the Labor Party in Maitland to realise that they have handed the position of mayor to Philip Penfold? Come on Henry Meskauskas, stand as an independent and let the people of Maitland decide.

Greg Parrey,AshtonfieldSKD welcome to Newcastle (‘Lifeline’, Herald,28/6). I think it’s good for you to get out of “latteville” (Bondi). Here you have to roll your sleeves up and work hard and not get it handed to you from the referees. So, good luck mate.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldUSED the great new entrance to the Glendale Supercentre recently and saw the large sculpture. I’m no art lover but I reckon its three rings represent the three levels of government giving us the run around on funding for all things Hunter. We don’t need reminding. Give me a garden full of pansies, petunias or dianthus any day.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthREPLYING to Mel Brauer (Short Takes, 30/6) regarding changes to some of the wording in our National Anthem. I remembered in 1984 during the Hawke government when two words in the first verse were changed from Australia’s sons to “Australians all”, and I definitely agreed.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahGARY Dowling (Letters, 30/6) doubts the value of Australia reducing CO2 emissions affecting the world’s climate. Renewables are so ineffective, worldwide, that there is no evidence that any of the world’s efforts over the last 30 years has had any effect on climate. There is no evidence that we have lowered atmospheric CO2 levels at all. This is in spite of the fact, for example, that there are now more than 250,000 large wind towers, generating renewable energy, around the world. This is a very expensive but futile effort. The cost to us far exceeds any benefit.Australia should drop out of the Paris Agreement immediately by following the lead of the USA.

Peter Devey,MerewetherTO John Brattan (Short Takes, 1/7): Alanguage test for politicians and future candidates will unfortunately not work, they have their own form of correspondence and language that normal every day people will never understand. Lack of hearing is also a problem, hence the answers to questions have nothing to do with the question asked. Onthe upside, they are quite literate; they have no problem signing off on an overseas work-related holiday or a pay rise for themselves. So it’s not all doom and gloom – there is hope.

Brad Hill, SingletonTHE POLLSHOWwill a $300 annual increase in electricity prices affect you?

I’ll have to cut other things to balance the budget 42.11%,I won’t be able to use my heater as much24.62%,It doesn’t affect me much, but it annoys me22.75%,I’ll have to eat less smashed avocado 6.96%, It won’t affect my lifestyle at all 3.57%

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Short Takes

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YOU must forgive Newcastle’s voters for being a little confused. Which of the Jeff McCloys is considering another bid for mayor? Is it the developer who told ICAC every commercial building he had in Newcastle had lost money in the past six years (‘ICAC: But I’m not a developer’,Herald, 14/8/2014), or is it the Jeff who is definitely “not a developer” (Herald,14/8/2014), or the Jeff who went to the High Court to challenge the constitutionality of the ban on developers donating to political parties (‘Jeff McCloy loses High Court appeal’,Herald,7/10/2015), or the Jeff who ran a furtive mobile ATM service from the back seat of his Bentley, or is it the Jeff who was pressured to resign? Should he decide to run, a definitive answer might clarify the minds of voters, and jog some memories.
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John Beach, Cooks HillCARDINAL George Pell returning to Australia voluntarily to clear his name. Watch this space.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkTOPICS made reference to the sighting of large numbers of rats in the Sydney CBD and Sydney’s eastern suburbs (‘The pied piper’, Herald,3/7). I have it on good authority that the rats have deserted The Good Ship Turnbull, which has been sighted foundering at Point Piper.

Reg Howes,ValentineTHE Knights’trophy cabinet is more like a chef’s kitchen with all those wooden spoons.

Michael Casey,MerewetherI WOULD like to wish regular writer, and friend to many in the Bay, Cliff Rabbit, a happy 85th birthday. Cliff, it’s cold mate, but you are still at the newsagent at 6am every day with a cheery “good morning” for everyone. Keep going strong young fella.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayTHE most exciting moment in the Knights game this weekend was when the Westpac helicopter landed at half time. It’s time the NRL dropped the price of this team and sold it to someone who really cares.

Bill Slicer,Tighes HillGEORGE Pell should pay his own bills.

Name withheld,MayfieldDR Niko Leka, when does a refugee stop being a refugee (‘Director invites all to meet a refugee’, Herald,29/6)? How many safe countries are they allowed to pass through under the ongoing status of a refugee?

Richard Barnett,Hallidays PointI APPLAUD Dave McTaggart’s love of flowers (Short Takes, 3/7), but wouldn’t pansies, petunias and dianthus provide a lovely setting for a sculpture park and make Glendale Supercentre delightful to visit?

Jerry Garland,WarabrookI UNDERSTAND Malcolm Turnbull will only stay in politics if he remains Prime Minister. That says a lot about Malcolm Turnbull the man, and it seems like the only reason he is in politics is self interest.

Jim Gardiner,New LambtonTONY Abbott on the warpath. Hell hath no fury like a prime minister scorned.

John William Hill,Willliamtown

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