Deep heat that’s way cool

WARM TO THE IDEA: iHealth Saunas are sleek and stylish with benefits centred around cleansing harmful toxins that can compromise the body’s own system of curing itself and remaining healthy.Imagine having a sauna in your own home –asoothing sanctuary for aches and pains, a place to relax, pamper and re-energise.

iHealth Far Infrared Saunas design and install a stylish range of portable saunas that require no plumbing and use the rejuvenating non-harmful power of far infrared light.

“Far infrared light has many health benefits and unlike ultraviolet light does not burn,” iHealth spokesperson Alex Tyson said.

“Our saunas come flat packedand can be assembled by our professional installers wherever you live.

“They plug into a normal power point and due to portability mean you don’t have to commit an entire room to it.

“There’s no water, no mess, they look great, they’re really comfortable and you come out feeling invigorated.”

The iHealth infrared panels emit energy at the same wavelength as the human body,operating at lower temperatures than conventional steam/hot rock saunas, permitting extended, more comfortable sauna sessions.

“Absorbed infrared light creates a deep, penetrating heat that relaxes, soothes and loosens sore joints and muscles,” Alex said.

“Light penetrates up to 45mm into the subcutaneous layer of the skin where toxins lurk, drawing them out via the body’s natural sweat response.”

iHealth Saunas is an Australian-owned family business, started 15 years ago.

The team at iHealth Saunas believe that every person has the power to influence their own wellbeing through a thoughtful diet, exercise and the use of complementary practices – including infrared sauna therapy.

Their products offer optimum performance, maximum therapeutic benefit and trouble-free ownership.

“People who buy our product haveput they’re body and health first and we want to support that commitment by ensuring every experience they have with iHealth Saunas is apositive one,” Alex said.

“Weoffer a lifetime heater warranty and a 5-year cabinet and electrical warranty on our Premium models.

“We can assemble the products using our nationwide network of installers and keep a service record of every unit sold.”

iHealth Saunas come in two ranges –Premium and Lite.

“If you’re simply looking for a unit that will make you sweat, our Lite range is priced from $2970.

“For those who want a truly amazing experience with the added specs and warranty, our Premium range starts at $4000.”

iHealth Saunas are on displayat Charlestown Square until July 2, with 20 per cent off any Premium range purchase in that time.

For more information ring1300 720 418 or visit www.ihealthsaunas苏州美甲美睫培训.au.