Shotgun, sex objects, drugs in child’s toy and a suspected dungeon: inside an alleged drug lab

Shotgun, sex objects, drugs in child’s toy and a suspected dungeon: inside an alleged drug lab TweetFacebook Exclusive photographs of the drug lab being dismantled.AN ALLEGED Wagga drug lab capable of facilitating an interstate criminal enterprise also contained an ice-loaded water pistol, a shotgun and a suspected sex dungeon, investigators claim.

The discoveries came as the NSW Drug Squad dismantled theOura Roadclandestine set-up on Thursday afternoon.

Police have so far seized six guns –including a high-calibre shotgun – about an ounce of methamphetamine, cannabisand a haul of ammunition.

Forensic examiners were forced to sidestep around sex toys, which were scattered through the property’s gardens.

As paraphernalia was removed from thegarage, the sheer size of the operation became apparent.

Detective Inspector Darren Cloake said it was the most sophisticated laboratory he has seen in Wagga.

“This is the firstchemical-based laboratory I’ve seen here,” he said.

“Our chemical operations unit conducted a preliminary investigation of the lab and there is a strong inference that lab has been used for the manufacture of amphetamine-based drugs.

“There was also a number of personal items scattered around the property and a suspect area inside the garage.”

The 44-year-old Oura Road occupant wascharged on Thursday with firearm-related offences and for possessing a prohibited drug, with further charges expected once a forensic analysis is complete.

He was granted conditional bail in the meantime.

Inspector Cloake said a five-year-old child found in the property was still living at the home.

“The child is still in the care of the family,” he said.

“Police have made a mandatory notification to Family and Community Services (FACS) to care for the wellbeing of that child in the future.”

The bust came during a trifecta of police search warrants, initiated at a property inCondon Avenue, Mount Austin on Tuesday.

Detectives believe all three men were connected.

Condon Avenue’s Michael Wood, 30, appeared before Wagga Local Court on Wednesday, charged with supplying 14.82 grams of methamphetamine, holding a .177 calibre rifle and supplying 345 grams of cannabis.

He was refused bail by police and issued with a show cause notice to reappear at court in August.

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